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Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Actually Affordable

Boy and dog with cheap Halloween costume ideas

The only thing scarier than the ghosts and ghouls haunting your neighborhood this Halloween? The prices on store-bought costumes. But you can still have a great time without being frightened about your budget.

Check out these DIY and low-cost Halloween costume tips and have a happier Halloween.

DIY Costume Ideas

Not sure where to start? Here’s some quick DIY costume inspo.

  • Toss on some shorts and a jersey and become a world-class athlete. Bonus points if you can find old trophies and medals to go with!
  • Pair a collared shirt with suspenders and glasses to show everyone who’s top of the class. Make it a yellow shirt, and you’ve got yourself a Minion costume.
  • Get in your swimsuit, throw on some shades and a whistle, and you’re sure to be everyone’s favorite lifeguard.
  • Grab a headband, pipe cleaners and other props and create your own animal ears. Mouse, cat, butterfly, bumblebee–the possibilities are endless!
  • Find a large piece of poster paper and cut out a large square, leaving a little bit of room at the bottom. Then, color it in to look like an Instagram photo. Wear it around your neck, and you’ll be blowin’ up with “likes” all night. 

Halloween Shopping Tips

If you’ve already got a great idea for a costume, here are some tips to help make it happen on the cheap.

  1. Take Control of Your Purchasing Power

    If you’re looking to buy a costume, rest assured that there are plenty of ways to avoid paying full price. Try consignment shops or online bargain websites like eBay for gently-used costumes at reduced prices. Also, keep in mind that season matters. The absolute cheapest days to snag a discount on costumes are the day before Halloween, the day of and the day after. If that’s cutting it a bit too close for comfort, you can also find great deals in the winter and summer months when Halloween isn’t on everyone’s mind.

  2. Cutting Costs & Gluing Props

    Another great cheap alternative is — you guessed it — DIY! Making your own costume with clothes you already own and props from around the house is a sure way to create a costume that’s virtually free. You can also look for coupons for craft stores. Cheap supplies like pipe cleaners and buttons can achieve your desired look without breaking the bank. Not a sewing savant? No worries. Super glue, hot glue or fabric glue are all good options. (Plus, you can use these items all year long for quick fixes around your house.)

  3. Swap, Don’t Shop

    You’ve got old costumes. Your friends have old costumes. So why not swap? This is especially helpful if you’re a parent whose kids are growing out of their old costumes faster than you can say “trick-or-treat.” Get together with some friends to trade the old, welcome the new, and enjoy the benefits of a “new” costume without the expense.  

It’s no magic spell, but savvy spending (along with a little creativity) can go a long way to help cut costs on your Halloween getup. From all of us here at Summit, have a safe and happy Halloween!

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