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Project Money by the Numbers

Project Money Update

The past decade has flown by! To celebrate the start of our 10th Project Money season, we took a look at all the numbers from our participants and couldn’t believe how much they accomplished. Take a moment to get inspired by all of the impressive achievements from our previous Project Money teams!

36 Project Money Participants

Across nine seasons, 36 Project Money participants have blazed through a Project Money journey. From single mothers to just-out-of-school newlyweds, each Project Money team approaches the program with different goals, determined by their personal situations. Not only do their lessons and challenges apply to all aspects of life, they often help members like you following along at home!

$307,132 in Savings

This is one of our new favorite numbers. Over the past nine seasons, participants have saved well over a quarter of a million dollars. That’s an average of more than $34,000 each 7-month season! The total says it all, but each year Project Money teams are surprised by how fast their savings can accrue. Remember to follow along, and you can be right there with them!

1,008 Blog Articles

One of the best parts of Project Money is following along with weekly blog posts from each team, capturing their progress and lessons learned. Over the past nine seasons, more than a thousand blog articles have been written by our Project Money teams. That’s a lot of shared financial knowledge. Want to catch up on last season? Visit the Project Money page.

$354,254 in Debt Reduced

Okay, so this is our new favorite number! Across all Project Money seasons, participants have reduced debt by over $350,000. That’s incredible and is an average of over $39,000 in debt reduced per season. In seven quick months, just think how much debt you could reduce. Need a few tips to get started? Look no further than our Money Smarts blog.

$157,000 in Prize Money

Summit has given out a collective $157,000 in Project Money awards. The best part? By the time participants get their cash rewards, they have already gone through their Project Money journeys, so we know they’re much more likely to use the money wisely.

Pretty inspiring stuff, right? Project Money 10 is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to see where it takes the teams! Look for our first update on the Money Smarts blog in the coming weeks.

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