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Time for your next car?

Man pays with credit card while woman looks on

Don’t hit the web or head to the lot until you answer these four questions.

Let’s face it: Cars are fun, but they can also be expensive. You want the best deal possible on the vehicle and your financing, but maybe you’re not sure where to start.

Summit is here to help with four questions that will put you on the right path to smart vehicle choices.

Question #1: How much car can I really afford?

The best and easiest way to answer this question is to get preapproved for a loan. That way you’ll know exactly what you can afford based on your entire financial picture and you won’t have to worry about falling in love with a vehicle and getting turned down for financing.  

There are three easy ways to get preapproved: Fill out our online application, stop by any branch or give us a call. The online process is a great tool if you feel comfortable navigating loan amounts and options on your own. If this is your first car or you’d just feel more comfortable having a loan officer walk you through the process, stop by a branch or call us.

Question #2: Which type of car is right for me?

Be realistic about what you’ll use this car for. Do you have a long commute and need something with amazing mileage? Or are you looking for a vehicle that can accommodate half the soccer team and stand up to years of hard wear and tear? Does your car need to impress clients or business associates? Or is your most frequent companion a big, messy pet? If it’s time to get the mini-van, it’s time to get the mini-van (and, if it’s time to get an incredible luxury car, hey, it’s time to get an incredible luxury car!).

Question #3: How can I figure out which car to buy—and where to buy it?

Don’t waste time endlessly trolling the Web to find the car that’s right for you. Use Summit’s auto buying programs. This is a speedy quick way to research and compare vehicles and options and check out warranties, rebates, incentives and more. And once you’ve figured out which vehicle you want to buy, our Car Buying Concierge can help you track down the new and pre-owned options that fit your needs. How cool is that?

Question #4: What’s the best way to protect my investment?

You have to insure your car—that’s a given. But have you got the insurance you really need? Let Summit’s experts help you find out. For instance, many people aren’t familiar with gap insurance. This protects you if the amount you owe on your car is more than the car is worth—which could be a concern if your car were totaled in an accident and you had to come up with extra cash to pay off your loan. Call or sit down with your Summit lender today to learn more about your insurance options.

Your best next car is out there! Let Summit help you find—and finance—it today!

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