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mortgage down payment options as low as 3%1

Home Purchase Bonus


First-time Homebuyer Bonus


Getting Your Mortgage Loan With Confidence

Ready to get the right home loan? From buying your first home to fixing one up to refinancing – and for all your other mortgage needs – we’re here to help you make it happen, each step of the way.

It’s fast, easy and hassle-free with:

  • The ability to lock your rate when you choose – at the time you apply or up to seven days before closing
  • Online mortgage loan status updates throughout the process
  • Great rates and local servicing

What Can We Help You With?


Buying A Home

This will be fun! The best way to start is by seeing what’s possible. Once you find out what you can afford, your potential monthly payment and the right term, then you’re ready to get rolling. Here are some homebuying resources to help:

Options & Rates Preapproval

Woman and child cooking in a kitchen


It’s good to check whether your current mortgage still makes sense or if it’s time to refinance. See if you could save big in the long term or free up some money in the meantime with either an Express or Traditional Mortgage Refinance.

See Your Options Check Rates

Outside of a home at dusk

Home Equity

Whether it’s a loan or a line of credit, borrowing some of your equity back is a smart way to do more with your money – hello, home improvements! Imagine what you could check off the to-do list and:

See Your Options Check Rates

The interior of a remodeled bathroom

Second & Vacation Homes

Your home away from home deserves a payment plan that’s just as cozy – and we have a variety of options on both fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages.

See Your Options Check Rates

Exterior of a log cabin house

Construction & Land Loans

The right loan for your land is something you’ll really be able to build on.

See Your Options

The basic structure of a home being built

Investment Properties

We have the rates, terms and loan amounts to match your vision for getting the most out of your investment.

See Your Options

Exterior of multi-family duplex

Your Mortgage Loan Partner

With the great rates you need to start, online mortgage loan status updates throughout the process and local servicing for the life of your loan, Summit is here for you every step of the way. Our mortgage loan officers are ready to connect whenever you are! Really, whenever.

Connect With a Mortgage Loan Officer

Jackie Lange

Portage Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 2601
800-236-5560, ext. 2601

Andrea Belanger

Stoughton Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 2182
800-236-5560, ext. 2182

Leigha Hanrahan

Waukesha Northeast Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 1009
800-236-5560, ext. 1009

Adam Pelletter

Old Sauk Branch
Shorewood Hills Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 2493
800-236-5560, ext. 2493

Claudine A. Carvalho

Old Sauk Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 5005
800-236-5560, ext. 5005

Rina N. Courtier

Yellowstone Branch

Middleton Branch


608-243-5000, ext. 3998
800-236-5560, ext. 3998

Lori L Burish

Greenfield Avenue Branch
VA Medical Center Branch


608-243-5000, ext. 8119
800-236-5560, ext. 8119


April Seidl

Mount Horeb Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 7965
800-236-5560, ext. 7965

Wil Vale

Muskego Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 4972
800-236-5560, ext. 4972

Jesse Hernandez

Yellowstone Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 7966
800-236-5560, ext. 7966

Mary Byrd

Sun Prairie Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 1206
800-236-5560, ext. 1206

Steven Hansen (Steve)

Waunakee Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 2110
800-236-5560, ext. 2110

Chad T. Johnson

Oconomowoc Branch
VA Medical Center Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 3005
800-236-5560, ext. 3005

Victoria 'Tori' Woolley

Watertown Mortgage Loan Office

608-243-5000, ext. 6201
800-236-5560, ext. 6201

Sadie Baile

Pewaukee branch

608-243-5000, ext. 2905
800-236-5560, ext. 2905

Bob Leblanc

New Berlin Branch
Waukesha Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 8509
800-236-5560, ext. 8509

Jesus Vivanco-Huerta

Beaver Dam branch

608-243-5000, ext. 1103
800-236-5560, ext. 1103

Brandon Strayer

Westport Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 2161
800-236-5560, ext. 2161

Bryce Kingsley

City Station Branch
Rimrock Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 1303
800-236-5560, ext. 1303

Laura Zweep

Downtown Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 4995
800-236-5560, ext. 4995

Andy Dennis

Sun Prairie West branch

608-243-5000, ext. 7958
800-236-5560, ext. 7958

Timothy J. Greene (Tim)

Monona Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 2147
800-236-5560, ext. 2147

Kevin Schroeder

Thierer Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 2700
800-236-5560, ext. 2700

Chris Collins

Janesville Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 5992
800-236-5560, ext. 5992

Talon Brandsma

Baraboo branch

608-243-5000, ext. 1102
800-236-5560, ext. 1102

Adam Palm

American Parkway Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 8403
800-236-5560, ext. 8403

Mike Bietz

Franklin Branch

Brookfield Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 1029
800-236-5560, ext. 1029

Brett Wolfram

Cottage Grove Branch
Lake Mills Branch Cottage Grove Headquarters

608-243-5000, ext. 2782
800-236-5560, ext. 2782

Bonnie Bergeson

West Milwaukee, Journal Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 1905
800-236-5560, ext. 1905

Keith Jensen

Fitchburg Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 4005
800-236-5560, ext. 4005

Mortgage Status Updates

Check the status of your mortgage application or upload requested documents online anytime.

Check The Status of Your Home Loan

Tools & Resources


Figure out your monthly payment and amortization schedule.


Does it makes sense to refinance your mortgage loan?


Compare 15- and 30-year terms.


Are you better off buying your home, or resigning that lease?

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