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Houses move fast, so we do too.

Mortgage preapproval in as little as 15 minutes.^ Connect with a Mortgage Loan Officer within 24 hours.

First-time Homebuyer Bonus


Home Purchase Bonus


Top Mortgage Lender in Wisconsin

Helping You Reach Your Home Loan Goals

Financing a home isn’t something you do every day – but, hey, when it’s your moment, it’s your moment! And we’re here to help you achieve your home loan goals with confidence.

It’s fast, easy and hassle-free with:

  • Summit has great rates, friendly local service and flexible rate-lock options.
  • You can connect with a Summit Mortgage Loan Officer within one business day. 
  • Still getting ready? Meet with us and let us coach you on saving for a down payment, boosting your credit score or taking advantage of special homebuying programs.

In the meantime, you can learn a lot about the kind of mortgage that’s right for your goals, right here.

What Can We Help You With?


Buying A Home

This will be fun! The best way to start is by seeing what’s possible. Once you find out what you can afford, your potential monthly payment and the right term, then you’re ready to get rolling. 

Options & Rates Preapproval

Woman and child cooking in a kitchen

Start With A Free Preapproval

It’s the best first step, whether you’re buying for the first time or are already familiar with the process. Because when you get a preapproval on your loan, you have the green light to go up to a maximum purchase price – and you have extra credibility on your offer to purchase. You just need:

  1. A government-issued ID

  2. Your most recent 30 days of pay stubs and two years of W-2s

  3. Your statement or account numbers for all bank accounts and loan balances



It’s good to check whether your current mortgage still makes sense or if it’s time to refinance. See if you could save big in the long term or free up some money in the meantime with either an Express or Traditional Mortgage Refinance.

See Your Options Check Rates

Outside of a home at dusk


Home Equity

Whether it’s a loan or a line of credit, borrowing some of your equity back is a smart way to do more with your money – hello, home improvements! Imagine what you could check off the to-do list.

See Your Options Check Rates

The interior of a remodeled bathroom


Second & Vacation Homes

Your home away from home deserves a payment plan that’s just as cozy – and we have a variety of options on both fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages.

See Your Options Check Rates

Exterior of a log cabin house


Construction & Land Loans

The right loan for your land is something you’ll really be able to build on.

See Your Options

The basic structure of a home being built


Investment Properties

We have the rates, terms and loan amounts to match your vision for getting the most out of your investment.

See Your Options

Exterior of multi-family duplex

Here's What Your Neighbors Are Saying

More people in Southern Wisconsin choose Summit for their home loans – and are very happy they did. Which makes us happy too. Just so you know what to expect when you choose us for your mortgage.

"Mary did a great job of answering our questions and keeping us informed throughout this process. She also went above and beyond to help us obtain the best available rate."

- Summit Member

"It was great! Even though we never met in person he was awesome to work with! Thank you, Adam!! I have told other friends you need to go through Summit!"

- Summit Member

"Speedy response and very knowledgeable. Felt taken care of every step of the way."

- Summit Member

Talk To a Mortgage Loan Officer

With the great rates you need to start, online mortgage loan status updates throughout the process and local servicing for the life of your loan, Summit is here for you every step of the way. Our mortgage loan officers are ready to connect whenever you are!

Connect With a Mortgage Loan Officer

When it comes to mortgages, no two members’ needs are exactly the same – and that variety is one of the things Andy Dennis likes best about being a mortgage loan officer at Summit. He enjoys nothing better than the chance to get to know a member, spend time understanding their needs, find a loan or refinance that’s just right for them and make every step of the process as smooth and easy as possible. Members who have worked with Andy tell him he has done a great job with all of those!


Andy values taking an extremely thorough approach in each step of the application process, starting with the preapproval. That dedication means Andy’s customers can rest easy knowing that when they find the right house, they’ll be able to move quickly from their accepted offer to a closed loan.


Andy has been a financial advocate for nearly two decades and has spent over 15 years at member-owned credit unions. He’s a huge fan of credit unions’ “people helping people” philosophy and loves making good loans happen for the borrowers who trust him with their mortgage needs.


A lifelong Madisonian, Andy bought his first home at 22 and has owned several since. When he’s not helping members with their mortgage needs, Andy enjoys spending time with his family, taking kids to sporting events and attending car shows and events.

As a single mom who bought her first house when she was just 21 years old, mortgage loan officer Natalie remembers just how hard the process can be for a first-time homebuyer. Count on Natalie to be your own personal cheerleader through every step of the mortgage loan process.


Before coming to Summit, Natalie worked in healthcare, retail and owned her own small business. She joined Summit in 2019, first as a universal banker, then moved into a lending advisor position and joined the mortgage loan team in 2021. What attracted Natalie to Summit? Our commitment to diversity and promoting within, our support of a true work-life balance and how we live our promise to put members and employees first.


When Natalie’s not supporting members along their mortgage loan journey, you can find her spending time with her two boys, two cats and assorted family and friends, working on her candle and soap making business, crafting or sewing, camping, volunteering and tackling remodeling projects.

Ask Marine Corps veteran Jeremy why you should choose him for your mortgage loan officer and his answer is simple, “Just like in the Marines, I won’t stop until we have mission success.”


What helps Jeremy get to “mission success” for his members? A deep knowledge of the real estate industry. Jeremy came to Summit after years in real estate sales and also spent time working in the title services industry – and a commitment to creating a stress-free mortgage loan experience.


Jeremy joined Summit because he had been so impressed by our loan officers while working in the real estate industry and had seen firsthand that we shared the same core values. We’re thrilled to have Jeremy on our side of the table!


After he's not helping members with their mortgage needs, you’ll find Jeremy out with friends, golfing, fishing and traveling.

A home is the biggest purchase most people will make in their life, so it’s no surprise if you have a lot of questions about how it all works. Count on April Hardy to make sure you get the answers you’re looking for.


April takes the time to understand what you need in a loan, to address any concerns you might have and to handle any questions. Plus, you can count on April to be right by your side if you encounter any bumps along the way.


April has been with Summit for nearly a decade, moving from part-time to full-time teller before transitioning to consumer lending and later mortgage lending in 2018. What does she love best about working at Summit? The sense that Summit helps people achieve more than they ever thought possible. A great example of this is April’s own career. Before joining Summit, April had never worked at a financial institution, but Summit recognized April’s potential and she’s quickly moved into a position that’s a great fit for her skills and personality.


When April’s not helping her customers get a great mortgage loan, you can find her boating, reading, attending concerts, traveling or taking care of puppies with her husband.

When it comes to financing a house, Claudine Carvalho believes knowledge is a powerful tool. That’s why she works so hard to understand members’ financial goals, investigate their lending options and provide the help they need to select the loan that’s best for them. Claudine prides herself on keeping members’ needs front and center – and she has the happy customers to prove it!


Claudine has worked in financial services for more than a decade and has spent the majority of her career at Summit. What does she love most about working at our credit union? Knowing she’s part of a team that gives back to the community, makes helping others a priority and embraces diversity.


When Claudine isn’t discovering the best lending options for her members, you’ll likely find her outdoors, hiking, biking or boating with her family (and two energetic dogs!).

Wil Vale works hard to find the best mortgage or refi option for his customers. But he doesn’t stop there, because Wil knows the true test of a good mortgage loan is the difference it makes for you in the long run. Did you understand your loan before signing the closing statement? Was the monthly payment one that fit comfortably into your budget? Did buying this house help achieve your financial goals?


Count on Wil to make sure you can answer those questions with a “yes,” – and that you’ll walk away from the loan experience thinking, “Hey, that was pretty easy!”


Wil has been in financial services for nearly two decades and brings a wide range of experiences – including being a teller, personal banker, business banker and mortgage loan officer – to every member interaction. Wil prides himself on providing exceptional member service and timely responses. He loves being able to offer members Summit’s innovative programs and tools, competitive rates and low fees. He appreciates being part of a team that puts members first.


When Wil isn’t helping members, you’ll likely find him on the basketball court – either playing or coaching his son’s AAU and school teams.

Trying to decide which financial institution to choose for your mortgage? Here are three great reasons to go with Summit: 1. We’re the top mortgage lender in Wisconsin;* 2. We’re committed to the financial well-being of our members and the communities we serve; and 3. We have great mortgage loan officers like Chad Johnson.


Chad has been a mortgage loan officer for almost two decades and has been with Summit for nearly his entire career. He shares our commitment to putting members first and reports he could feel the impact of that mission from the minute he first walked through the door.  


Chad works hard to help members understand their mortgage options and choose the one that best meets their needs. If you love getting to work with someone who will patiently answer all your questions and make sure you get the information you need to make an informed choice, Chad is your man!


When he’s not hunting down the best loan option for your needs, you’ll likely find Chad attending his sons’ sporting events or heading on a road trip to a state or national park.



*The Wisconsin’s #1 Mortgage Lender designation is based on the number of loans originated in 2020, gathered from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data compiled annually by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The results of the data were obtained through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website. LEI: 254900NTAC4H10MGSU23

Looking for a mortgage loan officer who knows her stuff, is great to work with and has a reputation for matching up members and mortgages? Meet Laura Zweep.


Originally a small business owner, Laura has spent the last two decades in banking, finance and lending. She is passionate about helping members find the best loan possible and brings a wealth of experience to every mortgage. If you need a specialized loan, help finding a down payment assistance program or think you might run into roadblocks during the lending process, rely on Laura. She’ll be at your side no matter what you encounter along your path to buying a home.


Laura has been helping Summit members find their best-fit mortgage for nearly a decade. What does she love about working at our credit union? Our shared goal: To take exceptional care of members.


When she’s not helping members, Laura likes to garden, travel, enjoy art, spend time with her family and hang out with her new puppy.

As a fellow homeowner, Nataly Cervantes knows firsthand the excitement and urgency of the home purchase process – and the day-to-day realities and unpredictability of home ownership (and life!). Combine that empathy with years of financial service experience, and you’ve got one great mortgage loan officer.


Nataly brings a genuine excitement to every mortgage loan. After all, she’s helping someone achieve one of life’s major milestones – and what could be more rewarding? She appreciates being able to offer members competitive rates and innovative mortgage loan and refinancing solutions. And Nataly loves being part of a diverse, knowledgeable team that’s dedicated to making members’ financial goals happen – whether that goal is a new loan or taking advantage of the equity in your home for a remodel, debt consolidation or a special occasion.


When Nataly isn’t helping members achieve their financial goals, you’ll find her spending time with family and friends, traveling, dancing or tackling a home DIY project.

If you could create your ideal mortgage loan officer, we’re guessing they might share many of the attributes Bryce Kingsley brings to our team.


Smart and hard working? Check. Committed to keeping the borrower’s best interests top of mind? Check. Dedicated to finding the lending solution that’s right for them? Check and double check!


Bryce went into financial services right after college, working first as a teller and then as a personal banker. He later moved into mortgage processing and then into mortgage lending. That breadth of experience gave Bryce an excellent understanding of financial services and helped him become the exceptional mortgage loan officer he is today.


Although his work in financial services started at another organization, after a co-worker switched to Summit – and raved about the work environment, benefits and chance for advancement – Bryce did the same.


When he’s not helping members find the loan that’s right for them – and keeping them in the loop every step of the way – you’re likely to find Bryce playing volleyball, traveling or spending time with his son.

After nearly three decades in financial services, Steve Hansen still finds that every day delivers a new and interesting challenge. He’s committed to helping every member achieve their best financial future, and the enthusiasm, knowledge and can-do spirit he brings to every loan make it happen! In 2020 alone, Steve helped 576 Summit members achieve their mortgage financing goals.


What Steve likes best about working at Summit is the opportunity to build lasting connections and the chance to help members reach their financial dreams. And he makes those dreams happen with good communication, frequent updates and a focus on creating a stress-free mortgage financing experience.


When Steve’s off the clock, you’ll find him spending time with his family and their dogs. He enjoys outdoor activities of any kind, traveling and attending sporting events.

Looking for a mortgage loan officer you can count on to help you navigate every step of the mortgage process? Meet Tori Wooley.


Tori was hired as a mortgage processor in 2009 for a broker and quickly became fascinated by the powerful impact a mortgage could have on a consumer’s financial well-being. Tori came to Summit in 2013 as an assistant in the mortgage loan department and through hard work and perseverance became a mortgage loan officer just a few short years later.


Since that time, Tori has helped many Summit members find their best-fit mortgage. What does Tori like best about working at Summit? Knowing she’s partnered with an organization that truly cares about and supports its members and employees and goes above and beyond to help them, no matter what stage they’re at in their lives or what challenges they face.


When she’s not hard at work in Summit’s mortgage loan department, you’ll find Tori spending time with family, mastering her vinyl crafting techniques or enjoying a night under the stars during a camping trip.

Looking for a mortgage loan officer who will make your new home loan or refinance smooth and hassle-free? Meet Talon Brandsma.


Talon creates an easy and enjoyable mortgage experience by taking the time to completely understand your goals and the impact reaching them will have on your life. He creates a true partnership where you can feel comfortable asking questions, know you’ll get the answers you need and always get a prompt and helpful response. And because Talon takes the time to really get to know you, he’ll be able to deliver the best range of possible mortgage options – and might even come up with choices you never thought of!


Talon loves the support and flexibility he gets from Summit and points out there’s a reason Summit Credit Union is a Top Workplace. He finds it rewarding and inspiring to be part of a team that works together to have a positive impact on members’ financial dreams.


When Talon isn’t helping improve members’ financial well-being, you’ll likely find him playing disc golf, hiking with friends or spending time with his dogs.

It’s impossible to create a thriving community without financially healthy households.


Sadie Baile already knew this the first time she worked at Summit – from 2011 to 2014 when Sadie worked her way from Summit teller to lender to branch manager. But it took seven years outside the financial industry – working in a non-profit, earning a master’s degree and launching a company to assist nonprofits – to fully appreciate the truth of that statement. And that realization is what brought her to Summit for a second time in early 2021 as a mortgage loan officer.


Sadie loves knowing she’s playing a role in empowering members of her community and that Summit’s member-owned business model means profits are reinvested to benefit members.


Choose Sadie to help with your mortgage, and get an approachable, friendly, knowledgeable partner who strives to make you feel informed and comfortable – and who works hard to ensure you’re satisfied with the purchase or refinance experience.


When Sadie’s off the clock, she loves music of all types, singing and dancing (though she claims not to do it well!) and being outside, traveling and enjoying nature. On the flip side, she’s a data geek and loves getting lost researching a new topic.

Tim Greene is passionate about making the mortgage loan experience simple and seamless. He knows getting a mortgage can be exciting – and stressful! – and does everything he can to make the process as painless as possible. Choose Tim for your next mortgage and know you’ll have someone who’s got your back and works hard to understand your needs and find the loan that’s right for you.


Tim brings nearly two decades of financial services experience to every loan. He’s been with Summit for much of his career and a mortgage loan officer since 2011. He loves Summit’s approachability and its commitment to educate and empower members on their journey to financial well-being. Work with Tim and you’ll see how much he values member education and empowerment too!


When Tim isn’t working to find a best-fit mortgage option for his members, he enjoys spending time with his family in the Wisconsin outdoors ice fishing, golfing, boating and relaxing.

Whether it’s time to buy your first home, or you’re looking to upsize or scale back, you can count on Cody to make the process streamlined and stress-free.


Cody knows that buying a house is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. And he’s committed to making sure you’re supported every step of the way – from application to payoff.


Cody joined Summit because he’d heard through word of mouth about our member- and employee-focused culture. And in an amazingly short time, he’s learned, grown and moved from teller to consumer lender to mortgage loan officer.    


When Cody isn’t walking a member through the details of their best mortgage, you can find him enjoying the outdoors, boating, camping or cooking out.

One of our most experienced mortgage loan officers, Keith Jensen will bring a quarter-century of mortgage experience to your loan, most of it right here at Summit. He’s helped members find just the right mortgage in good economic times – and challenging. And everyone from first-time homebuyers to retirees has ended up with the loan that’s just right for them. In fact, people like working with Keith so much that many come back for another loan when they upsize, downsize or refinance.


Keith attributes his long tenure to a shared vision and mission. He believes every member of the Summit mortgage department is working toward the same goal: Finding members the loan that helps them live their best financial life.


When Keith isn’t hard at work in our mortgage department, you’ll find him rooting for the Wisconsin Badgers (go Bucky!) and spending time with his family.

Kevin brings nearly three decades of residential lending experience to every loan, and has a well-deserved reputation for knowledgeable, thorough, member-first service.


Just as important, he recognizes a great mortgage alone can’t ensure financial health. Kevin loves being able to educate members about Summit’s full array of affordable products and services. Don’t be surprised if he encourages you to check out another Summit resource to help improve your financial well-being and save money.


When he’s not helping members achieve their best financial future, Kevin is likely to be walking his dogs, hitting the golf course, or enjoying a sporting event or a great meal out.

Ask Leigha Hanrahan why members should consider using her for their mortgage and her answer is unconventional (but oh so true!): Because she’ll make you do a happy dance! Leigha takes the time to listen, learn and give guidance and honest opinions. From the first time you meet her, you’ll know you’re in good hands!


Leigha has been working in financial services since she was 17. Since that time, she’s played a variety of roles in the financial services space. Leigha has loved her many opportunities to train and coach employees, network and run community events. But there’s one thing she’s loved even more: The chance to connect one-on-one with members.


Helping members find the mortgage they need is a huge passion of Leigha’s. And being part of the process that helps make a home happen, is one of her absolute favorite things.


Leigha is extremely experienced in the world of financial services. She describes Summit as “the actual definition of a credit union” and loves working with an organization that prioritizes diversity, offers members a wealth of financial tools and is run by a strong, positive and involved leader.


When Leigha isn’t finding a way to create a “happy dance” mortgage for a member, you’ll find her traveling with her family, checking off her bucket list items or spending time outside hiking, playing water sports and more.

With a 30-year history in mortgage lending, Mike Bietz has experienced – and helped homebuyers navigate – every type of mortgage loan market. He’s a knowledgeable, committed partner who will work hard to find the loan that meets your needs. And you can count on Mike to make the process as streamlined and stress-free as possible.


What does Mike love best about working at Summit? Knowing he can rely on a great mortgage lending team for every loan. As Mike likes to say, you’re not just choosing him to get your home loan approved and closed, you’re choosing the resources and commitment of the entire Summit team!


When Mike isn’t making your mortgage loan happen, he’ll be enjoying all the outdoors Wisconsin has to offer, especially swimming, camping and fishing.

You could say Adam Pelletter was born to be a Madison Summit Mortgage Loan Officer. After all, he’s a lifelong Madison resident, graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has 15 years of financial service experience and comes from a family of real estate professionals!


Adam loves to give his members the confidence to succeed in a fast-paced real estate market. How? By making the complicated simple! He’ll take the time to explain every step of the mortgage process in clear, easy-to-understand terms and leverage his extensive financial experience to help members find and get the loan that’s right for them.


Ask Adam why he chooses to work at Summit, and he’ll point to Summit’s investments in the community and our commitment to handle every step of the mortgage process in-house. Adam loves being part of an organization that puts members first and feels like a big family.


When he’s not helping members get into the best loan for their needs, you’ll find Adam enjoying family time – coaching his twin sons in Little League or golfing with his wife are two favorite activities. Not surprisingly, Adam is a lover of all things Badgers!

Looking for a super responsive mortgage loan officer with years of experience and a commitment to make your home ownership dreams happen? Meet Jackie Lange.


Jackie has spent nearly a decade in financial services and has extensive management experience as well. She’s committed to helping members achieve their financial goals and that’s one reason Jackie loves working at Summit: she knows we are too! Jackie believes it’s possible to make a difference for anyone who’s willing to be helped. And thanks to her, members of all ages and backgrounds are now on the path to better financial well-being.


When Jackie isn’t helping members, you’ll probably find her doing something outdoors with her kids and dogs. Whether camping or just being outside, she and her family love enjoying all Wisconsin has to offer.

Ready to purchase or refinance a home but not sure where to start? Meet Ed Garcia.


An experienced mortgage lender, Ed loves nothing better than finding ways to make a complex situation easy. As his clients will tell you, he works hard to get to “yes” on a loan, in a way that helps members achieve true financial peace of mind. Ed likes to teach people to manage their finances, so their finances don’t manage them!


Although Ed Garcia started his financial career at a large bank, it didn’t take long before he recognized the value of being part of a credit union. What does he love most about working at Summit Credit Union? The chance to empower people to reach their financial goals.


When Ed isn’t helping members to purchase or refinance their dream home, you’ll likely find him in the kitchen or tending his smoker. Ed’s currently mastering the many ways to prepare beef – learning how to cure, smoke and dry age it – much to the delight of his wife and children.

A little empathy goes a long way.


Take the mortgage loan experience. Like most of the best mortgage loan officers, Nick Rabska remembers exactly how it felt to navigate the uncertainties of getting a first mortgage. And how relieved he and his wife were when their experienced and amazingly helpful Summit mortgage loan officer held their hands every step of the way. Nick is committed to recreating that experience for his own members. Get in touch with him for your mortgage loan, and we have no doubt he will!


Nick started as a universal banker with Summit in 2019 and moved into an assistant branch manager position later that year. In that role, he built his financial services knowledge and gained a reputation for excellent member service. He became a mortgage loan officer in early 2021 and has been helping members find the loans that are right for them ever since.


When Nick isn’t hard at work helping members on their mortgage journey, you’ll find him cooking, traveling and spending time with his family.

A mortgage lender for nearly two decades, Brett describes himself as an honest, knowledgeable and humble person who will look out for your best interests and work with you to achieve your goals. (And based on what we’ve heard from Brett’s buyers, we’d say he delivers as promised). Brett enjoys working with numbers and people and has found the world of mortgage lending to be a perfect fit.


Brett has been a member of the Summit team for the last 10 years and came to Summit after careful research uncovered that Summit had a great environment and would be an amazing place to work.


When he’s not hard at work finding the best mortgages for our members, you’ll likely find Brett coaching youth basketball, spending time with family and friends or looking for the next Amazon to add to his stock portfolio.

Cori is an exceptional mortgage loan officer (just ask the members who work with her!). But she’s also something more: an expert in financial well-being who can help you with challenges that go beyond your mortgage.


The story behind Cori’s financial “superpowers”? She’s a great listener and problem-solver, she knows mortgages inside and out and has helped members navigate nearly any financial challenge you can imagine.


Cori has worked in banking and management for the past two decades, and customer services since she was 16 years old. She came to Summit five years ago, attracted by our commitment to promote change, create impact and celebrate diversity. And Cori reports she loves working at Summit because we truly care about members and helping them achieve their financial goals.


When Cori isn’t finding you the perfect mortgage or helping problem-solve your finances, she’ll be spending time with her “Brady Bunch” family of three kids, three step kids, two big Doodles and her husband. Likely activities include hiking with the dogs, enjoying a football Sunday, cooking or traveling.

Whether you’re looking for your first home, or it’s time to upgrade or downsize, count on Lori Burish to make your best mortgage happen.


Lori fell in love with credit unions’ “people helping people” spirit when she worked as a teller during her senior year of high school. She enjoys working at Summit, where she says every employee shares a common goal: Providing excellent service to our members.


Lori has more than 10 years’ experience in lending and works hard to make the home financing process easy and hassle-free. She’s a big believer in the power of financial education and strives to give her members the knowledge and tools they need to get a great mortgage on the home that’s right for them – and to understand exactly what they signed up for.


When Lori isn’t helping members, you’ll probably find her spending time with her own pets or working on her goal of visiting as many US aquariums and zoos as she possibly can (she’s currently at 15 and counting!).

Looking for not just a mortgage loan officer but a “help-you-every-step-of-the-way” mortgage loan partner? Meet Adam Palm.  


Adam has worked in credit union lending for over a decade and moved to mortgage lending in 2015. He has a reputation for making sure members understand every aspect of the mortgage process and finding the loan that best meets their needs. Adam’s also known for keeping members in the loop throughout the application and approval process.


Why does Adam like working at Summit? Because we share so many of the same priorities: a commitment to member financial well-being, the desire to educate and a belief that community matters.


When Adam isn’t helping members fund the home of their dreams, he’s probably spending time with his wife and two boys, hanging out with family and friends or enjoying sports of all kinds – especially soccer.

You’re ready to buy a house and searching for a mortgage. But you’ve got questions – and lots of ‘em. And you need a mortgage loan officer who will take the time to understand you and find the mortgage that fits you best.


Meet Jesus Vivanco-Huerta. More than an order taker, he prides himself on being a problem solver who looks out for members’ best interests and does the hard work to ensure the lending solutions he brings to the table truly meet their needs.    


Jesus embraces credit unions’ “people helping people” spirit and puts it into action each and every day. He’s worked for a credit union since 2016, joined the Summit team in 2018 and made the move into mortgages in early 2020. Jesus especially values Summit’s commitment to promote from within. It was a key reason he joined the Summit team, and his professional growth is proof we keep that promise.


When Jesus isn’t helping members find their best-fit mortgage, he loves spending time with his family – two young daughters keep him very busy! – or playing soccer (when his hectic schedule allows!).

Sarah Storgaard knows buying a home can be stressful and works hard to make the lending portion of the experience as seamless as possible. Count on her to take the time to understand your financial goals, suggest mortgage loan options to meet them and keep you in the loop every step of the process. Sarah wants her members to feel confident and works hard to make that happen.


Sarah appreciates Summit’s focus on financial education and loves working at a community-first organization whose goals align so closely with hers. If you have a question about any element of your mortgage or are looking for help tackling any of your financial goals, Sarah is here to help.


A Maine native, Sarah reports she’s had a lot of fun getting to know Madison. Sarah loves to cook and explore area restaurants, and spends her time-off traveling, hiking, playing tennis and golf and enjoying time with her friends and her dog.

A stress-free mortgage process. Direct and open communication. Enthusiastic and responsive service.


Sound like everything you’d include on your mortgage loan officer wish list? Meet a mortgage loan officer who delivers on all three: Justin.


A Marine Corps veteran, Justin first joined the Summit team as a part-time teller at our VA Medical Center branch in Milwaukee. He’s long been motivated by the idea of “veterans helping veterans” – a nice spin on Summit’s “people helping people” philosophy – and embraced the chance to provide financial services to his fellow veterans.


Since that first role, Justin has worked as a universal banker, senior universal banker, lending advisor and business loan underwriter – adding skills and knowledge every step of the way. And he can’t wait to bring that experience and breadth of knowledge to a great mortgage experience for you.


When he’s not helping Summit members buy the home of their dreams, you’ll find Justin cooking or exploring the Madison area with his wife and son.

Cody Brings an impressive array of experiences and skills to every mortgage. He’s worked in various roles such as branch management, contact center management, training and member service. What he learned in each of those roles has played a part in making Cody the experienced, responsive, member-first mortgage loan officer he is today.


Other than a brief stint at a credit union in California – and who can blame him for trying life without winter? – Cody has spent most of his career at Summit. What attracted him to Summit in the first place and brought him back for more? Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and how we celebrate every employee’s unique background, talents and strengths. Plus, Cody loves our collaborative, always-learning environment, which he says helps him be a great resource to our members.


Why should you rely on Cody for your mortgage? His commitment to listening to your needs in order to provide a mortgage solution tailored to your needs and goals. And his promise to keep communications honest and prompt.


When Cody’s not helping a member find a just-right mortgage, you can find him on a run, taking in a movie or enjoying weekend trips to Chicago or Madison to try new restaurants and visit friends.

Looking forward to the instant when you’ll be handed the keys to your new home? So is Bob LeBlanc! Bob understands everything that goes into creating that magic moment, when your loan is in place and the closing on your new home is complete. And he can’t wait to make it happen for you!


Bob has been in the mortgage business for the last 25 years and has spent time in collections, management and loan origination. He’s been a mortgage loan officer with Summit since 2015 and applied after doing plenty of research and hearing great things from people who worked here. Bob says that Summit has lived up to all his expectations!


When he’s not helping members get one step closer to the moment when their new home is all theirs, you’ll often find Bob attending sporting events. He’s a big Brewers and Packers fan and loves to golf. Bob also spends as many weekends as possible at his family’s cottage in northern Wisconsin.

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