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Save Money By Refinancing

Whether you’re looking for a shorter term, a lower monthly payment or to get some of your equity back with a cash-out refi, a refinance can help. Get started today!

It’s fast, easy and hassle-free with:

Express Mortgage Refinance

When you pay off your mortgage loan faster by converting a 20- or 30-year mortgage to 12 years or less1, you could save thousands on interest. Plus, you’ll get:

  • An expedited loan process
  • Low (or no!) closing costs2
  • Local servicing that means we’re always here to help

Traditional Mortgage Refinance

If you’re looking for a better interest rate or lower monthly mortgage payment, a home loan refinance can help.

  • Lower your monthly mortgage payment
  • Pay less in interest payments over the life of your mortgage
  • Enjoy no or low closing costs3
  • Get cash back for home improvements, a new car, paying off higher interest debt or other needs
  • And your loan is serviced locally by Summit
Express Home Refinance
Rates Effective January 25, 2021

Enter your loan amount to calculate

your estimated monthly payment below

TYPE AND TERM Annual Percentage Rate Monthly Payment
8 Year Fixed 2.500% $11.52
12 Year Fixed 2.625% $8.12
Featured Mortgage Rates
Rates Effective January 25, 2021
Type and Term Rate Annual Percentage Rate

30 Year Fixed

2.625% 2.690%

15 Year Fixed

2.125% 2.245%

7/1 ARM**

2.875% 2.918%

Your Refinancing Partner

With the great rates you need and local servicing whenever you want, Summit is here for you every step of the way. Our mortgage loan officers will connect with you just one business day after you apply.

Connect With a Mortgage Loan Officer

Bonnie Bergeson

West Milwaukee, Journal Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 1905
800-236-5560, ext. 1905

Mary Byrd

Sun Prairie Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 1206
800-236-5560, ext. 1206

April Seidl

Mount Horeb Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 7965
800-236-5560, ext. 7965

Chris Collins

Janesville Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 5992
800-236-5560, ext. 5992

Wil Vale

Muskego Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 4972
800-236-5560, ext. 4972

Jesse Hernandez

Yellowstone Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 7966
800-236-5560, ext. 7966

Lori L Burish

Greenfield Avenue Branch
VA Medical Center Branch


608-243-5000, ext. 8119
800-236-5560, ext. 8119


Claudine A. Carvalho

Old Sauk Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 5005
800-236-5560, ext. 5005

Victoria 'Tori' Woolley

Watertown Mortgage Loan Office

608-243-5000, ext. 6201
800-236-5560, ext. 6201

Jesus Vivanco-Huerta

Beaver Dam branch

608-243-5000, ext. 1103
800-236-5560, ext. 1103

Keith Jensen

Fitchburg Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 4005
800-236-5560, ext. 4005

Adam Palm

American Parkway Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 8403
800-236-5560, ext. 8403

Laura Zweep

Downtown Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 4995
800-236-5560, ext. 4995

Bob Leblanc

New Berlin Branch
Waukesha Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 8509
800-236-5560, ext. 8509

Andy Dennis

Sun Prairie West branch

608-243-5000, ext. 7958
800-236-5560, ext. 7958

Rina N. Courtier

Yellowstone Branch

Middleton Branch


608-243-5000, ext. 3998
800-236-5560, ext. 3998

Mike Bietz

Franklin Branch

Brookfield Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 1029
800-236-5560, ext. 1029

Timothy J. Greene (Tim)

Monona Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 2147
800-236-5560, ext. 2147

Andrea Belanger

Stoughton Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 2182
800-236-5560, ext. 2182

Steven Hansen (Steve)

Waunakee Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 2110
800-236-5560, ext. 2110

Chad T. Johnson

Oconomowoc Branch
VA Medical Center Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 3005
800-236-5560, ext. 3005

Bryce Kingsley

City Station Branch
Rimrock Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 1303
800-236-5560, ext. 1303

Talon Brandsma

Baraboo branch

608-243-5000, ext. 1102
800-236-5560, ext. 1102

Brett Wolfram

Cottage Grove Branch
Lake Mills Branch Cottage Grove Headquarters*

608-243-5000, ext. 2782
800-236-5560, ext. 2782

Adam Pelletter

Old Sauk Branch
Shorewood Hills Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 2493
800-236-5560, ext. 2493

Kevin Schroeder

Thierer Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 2700
800-236-5560, ext. 2700

Jackie Lange

Portage Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 2601
800-236-5560, ext. 2601

Brandon Strayer

Westport Branch

608-243-5000, ext. 2161
800-236-5560, ext. 2161
Tools & Resources


Does it makes sense to refinance your mortgage loan?


Figure out your monthly payment and amortization schedule.


Are you better off making 26 payments each year?

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