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We're Here To Support You

Credit unions were born from people coming together to pool their resources and provide each other with credit and financial guidance. This cooperative structure means equity and inclusivity are inherently built into credit unions, providing a welcoming, supportive environment for all.

At Summit, we strive to demonstrate our inclusive spirit. Our team establishes a true sense of belonging by embodying diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).


Diversity at Summit Credit UnionDiversity

We embrace strategies to ensure
different identities and abilities are present in our organization and membership base.

Equity at Summit Credit UnionEquity

We focus on continuous improvement to ensure we provide universal access to opportunities.

Inclusion at Summit Credit UnionInclusion

We see you. We are strengthening
a culture that welcomes and values everyone.


Summit's Commitment

Summit strives to honor and nurture each of our unique experiences, perspectives and identities to create a truly inclusive and equitable environment for our employees, members and communities. Together, we can prove how a commitment to a welcoming, trusting, and diverse culture is our strength.





Diverse employees


We recognize that our strength as a company is directly dependent on our commitment to developing a welcoming atmosphere for individuals from a variety of:

  • Racial and Ethnic Groups
  • Gender Identities
  • Sexual Orientations 
  • Generational Groups
  • Family Statuses
  • Multilingual Groups
  • Physical and Cognitive Abilities


"We are better and stronger when
we hire, seek, share and encourage diverse
perspectives from diverse people."


– Kim Sponem, Summit Credit Union CEO & President




Different Makes Us Better

We're proud of how Summit members and employees live our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion day in and day out.

"Summit supports diversity and inclusion by making it a priority. We all work together to promote change and collaborate to implement the changes needed. The conversations are ongoing and most importantly, genuine."

– Ayobami Sanni, Commercial Lender 

"I’ve been fortunate enough to be employed by a company that values Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as much as I do. Summit granted everyone a paid Diversity holiday that I spent celebrating my culture by attending a Pow Wow.  It was an honor to share my experience with my peers at Summit and inspire them to take part in local tribal events in the future."

– Harley Funmaker, Senior Universal Banker

“Diversity in the organization makes a difference because you are not just serving the community, you ARE a part of the community you serve.”

– Nataly Cervantes, Mortgage Loan Officer


MAKING A Difference

Summit fosters financial inclusion and equity by focusing on providing all members, employees and the community with tools to enrich their lives.


Capital building at Co-op Connection

Our Communities 

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Group of people

Our Candidates & Colleagues

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Woman at white board

Our Members

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Women clapping

Equity is our goal

At Summit, we believe our work on diversity, equity and inclusion is ongoing – and this includes our commitment to leading the way to pay equity and greater financial security for women, and for all. Embracing a dynamic approach makes us better in our hiring practices, the services we offer and the overall impact we have on our communities.

We welcome your comments and questions, and we invite you to reach out to our manager of diversity, equity and inclusion. We are eager to share our plans to build a diverse and inclusive workplace on our path to equity. Your feedback will make us better.