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three Wisconsin women athletes in badger jerseys

Leveling the Playing Field With UW Women Athletes

We are teaming up with Wisconsin Badger female student-athletes to help women build financial wellness today and secure brighter financial futures tomorrow. Follow along as they put their learnings into practice, and get inspired to kick-start your own financial journey.

Spreading Financial Empowerment to Close the Wealth Gap

Over a 40-year career, the average woman earns $500,000 less than the average man. That wealth gap doesn't just impact women – it has ripple effects on their families, the economy and the entire community.

We can do something about it.

As part of our Equity in Money initiative, we’re pairing Wisconsin women student-athletes and a Summit financial coach to share financial knowledge, tools and tricks. Learning how to manage your dollars today will lead to more earnings, opportunities and financial freedom in every step forward.

How We're Taking Action


Building Equity With Wisconsin Women Athletes

Meet Our Athletes

By teaming up with a Summit financial coach, these Wisconsin Badger student-athletes are working to change the game so all women can become financially empowered.

sarah chan of wisconsin women's rowing

Sarah Chan

Wisconsin Women’s Rowing

Year: Junior
Major: Finance and Real Estate
Loves: Team camaraderie
Sweats: The college balancing act
Hear It From Sarah: "Summit’s emphasis on educating women helps build a future with equal access to wealth and career opportunities"

Watch Sarah's Story

kiley robins of wisconsin badger track and field team

Kiley Robbins

Wisconsin Women’s Track & Field

Year: Junior
Major: Biology
Loves: Hard workouts
Sweats: Monthly expenses
Hear it From Kiley: "Summit shows the facts on the wealth gap and provides financial wellness that’s for life"

Watch Kiley's Story

maty wilke, former badger basketball team member

Maty Wilke

Wisconsin Women’s Basketball (Former)

Year: Transferred
Major: Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education
Loves: Using my voice to empower young women
Sweats: Just talking about money
Hear It From Maty: "Summit helps women hold the power of money and make financial decisions with confidence"

Watch Maty's Story

Start Your Future Today

Achieving financial freedom might sound like a far-off dream…but with Summit’s student perks, educational resources and your own free financial coach, you’ll wake up ready to take on the world.

Get started with GO Bundle – a suite of what you need to flex your money management muscles and sprint towards your lifelong ambitions.

  • Student Rewards Credit Card with no annual fee and bonus points for good grades
  • Affordable Student Loans with a one-time application that covers every semester, unlike most others you have to apply for…then apply for…then apply for each semester
  • Student Free Checking to build your savings with no monthly fees, plus overdraft protection so you can spend with confidence
  • Auto Loans to help you vroom into your future with a low-payment ride that’s feels just right  

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