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Building a Foundation for overall Employee Wellness

Financial Wellness for Employees by Summit fosters confidence and stability, reduces worry and stress, and promotes healthier, happier lives — at work and beyond.

Your employees want financial advice on more than just retirement.

Their paycheck is the basis for their entire financial life. So how do they make the most of it? With guidance on how to take charge of their income today while saving for the future.

A Paycheck listing out loan payments, retirement, household expenses, emergency savings, healthcare, etc. Loan paymentsHousehold expensesEmergency savingsHealthcareEtc.Retirement

Financial Wellness for Employees by Summit is designed so that with a single corporate wellness program, each of your employees can learn to take the single best next step to financial success. And then keep going.

A Free Program. A Real Partnership.

Financial wellness programs for employees aren’t always free, but ours is – for both employers and employees. So much for the old “you get what you pay for” rule. And here’s why.

This effective and easy-to-administer program is customized to fit your company’s needs:

  1. magnifying-glass-icon

    We begin by working with you to uncover the particular financial concerns your employees may have overall.

  2. money-question-icon

    We tailor a series of learning events where Summit financial coaches and advisors address your employees' common money questions.

  3. partners-icon

    We provide multiple one-on-one coaching events, and we're available to participate in your corporate wellness events.

  4. computer-icon

    We create unique online education portal for your company, where your employees can access their Personal Financial Education Modules.

  5. money-education-icon

    We provide you with additional marketing resources, including communication templates and a quarterly newsletter, to encourage your employees to take full advantage of this valuable new benefit.

For qualifying employers, we can install a workplace Summit ATM – or a Personal Teller Machine, to connect via video to an actual teller. We can even create an on-site Summit branch!

On-Demand Education. For Unique Individuals.

Each of your employees is on their own journey through life, with unique financial needs and goals. Our program lets them help themselves to an all-you-can-learn buffet of financial education any time, through your company's unique online education portal, as well as elsewhere on Summit's website. No need to be a Summit member. This content is for everyone.

Learn More About On-Demand Education

on-demand Personal Financial Education

Topics range from basic budgeting to buying a home. Your employees can mix and match to create their own personal with videos and tools to help them make good financial decisions. From there, we can tailor our education to their evolving needs by tracking which content your employees engage in most.

Explore More Free Money Smarts Resources

Our website is full of free resources and handy calculators – plus blog posts, podcasts and personal stories from Project Money teams – to inspire action to spend smart, save more and build wealth.

Next-Level Guidance. Personalized Progress.

As with anything in life, engaging in healthy habits is the key to ongoing wellness. For your employees who are Summit members already – and for those who become Summit members – we offer these extra tools and incentives to help them kick their financial wellness up a notch.

See Extra Financial Tools and Incentives

One-On-One Coaching

To answer questions and help build a plan for their next financial goal.

Perks and Rewards

For opening certain Summit accounts or taking out any loan.


help-your-employees-graphicFACE FINANCIAL REALITIES WITHconfidence.

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For more insight into the importance of promoting financial wellness in the workplace, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss our program in more detail.