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Summit gives more to women for a better world

We are a member-owned financial cooperative that makes the world better by empowering women, and others, in building financial security, wealth and avoiding poverty in retirement.

Why choose Summit Credit Union?

Summit makes managing money easier, more effective and more fun. With Summit, you can reduce financial stress and grow financial confidence, security and wealth. Together, we make the world better.

The Credit Union Difference

Credit Unions are not banks. We are member-owned financial cooperatives. You can get a checking account or loan at either, so what difference does it make? A lot.

Not a Bank

Your Financial Partner

A partner believes in your ability to succeed and supports your growth and wellbeing along the way. Looking for a great financial partner? You found us.

Your Financial Partner

Our History

Founded by the credit union movement as CUNA Credit Union in 1935, our 10 founding members included four women, a Black man and the leader of the credit union movement Roy Bergengren.

Our History

Your Money is Safe at Summit

When big banks shut down or require government intervention, people across the country naturally begin to think about the safety and security of their money and their financial institutions. You’ve heard us reference “the credit union difference” and this is a great opportunity to show you exactly what that difference means when compared to banks. 

Our Mission and Values

We want to build a better, more equitable world and fulfill our mission of Dreams enabled. Financial wellness achieved. Life richer. We do that through our Essential Behaviors of working as a team, putting our membership first and promoting change, and through our values: 


make things better

respect others

be fair/create equality


Giving Back

Because we want to create a better, more equitable world, we give back. We prioritize our financial giving to impact women’s financial wellness and provide scholarships, measurable savings to our members, including a patronage dividend. We partner with other organizations and put our award-winning financial education programs to work for members and the wider community. We give back to our shared environment, too, taking actions to live and work green and inspire others, too. 


We believe a strong community makes all our lives richer, so we partner with organizations that share our passion for financial wellbeing, women’s empowerment and advancing equity.

How We Give Back

Summit and South Madison

For the benefit of all, we’ve partnered with the Urban League of Greater Madison, The Center for Black Excellence and Culture, One City Schools, McKenzie Regional Workforce Center and Centro Hispano to help create a strong, thriving area.

Our Partnerships

Credit Union Advocacy

We give back through political advocacy for your right to belong to a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative whose earnings benefit members and the community. You can, too!

About Advocating

Diversity is our strength.

Diversity in all its forms, along with equity and inclusion, make for a better credit union and a better world. We believe recognizing diversity, building equity and being inclusive help us improve the lives of our members, our employees and the communities we serve.

DEI at Summit

Leadership & Governance

We’re a credit union, and that means the members of our Board of Directors are all members of Summit Credit Union, and they are nominated and elected by our members. We put our membership first and that benefits our members, our employees and the community.

Awards & Accomplishments

The positive impacts we make for members, employees and the community have brought some pretty amazing recognition that the Summit team and all our members can be proud to be part of.


Our Board & Senior Leaders

Our Board of Directors are all members of Summit and support our CEO and senior management team in their dedicated leadership on behalf of our members’ financial well-being.

Board & Senior Leaders


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