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At Summit, we are inclusive in offering financial services that positively impact our members' financial lives.

How We Support Our Members

Open to All

Summit was founded by the credit union movement itself and granted an open charter, meaning anyone can become a member and take advantage of service offerings, tools and programs we have to offer.

A Focus on Women

Statistically, women live longer, do more caregiving, earn less and are more likely to be in poverty in retirement than men. They also start more businesses and often lead financial decisions in households. That's why we put them in the forefront of our services, making sure they have the financial resources they need to succeed while also being a leader and advocate for pay equity and equal representation. Because when women win at their goals, their families, entire communities and our economy come out winners too!

Money Smarts Financial Education

We provide free information and support to all members and the community through our financial education programs, tips, tools and resources

Inclusive Products and Services

  • Free Checking 

    We make banking accessible to everyone by offering checking accounts with no monthly service fee, unlimited check writing and other perks that institutions typically charge for.  

  • Balance Account 

    Our no-overdraft-fee checking account has been awarded the Cities for Financial Empowerment (CFE) Seal by Milwaukee’s Bank On program, which ensures everyone has access to a safe and affordable bank or credit union account.

  • Student Rewards Credit Card 

    Our Student Rewards credit card is great for young adults who want to get started on building credit.

  • ITIN Loans and Accounts 

    We work for underserved groups and borrowers without Social Security numbers by facilitating service through available ITIN loans and accounts. 

  • Free ATM Use

    Our ATMs are free to use for all Summit and other credit union members, so that hard-earned funds are accessible for all.

  • Member Fee Avoidance 

    We do our best to prevent fees for our members whenever possible by posting the first transactions processed instead of looking for ways to increase potential overdrafts.

  • Project Money

    Anyone can apply to participate in this annual financial competition where four teams are chosen to work one-on-one with a Summit financial coach for personalized strategies to reduce debt, increase savings and reach their financial goals. The winning team is awarded a $10,000 cash prize, and the runners-up each receive $2,500.

  • Equal Housing Lender 

    We ensure fair and accessible products for all, including mortgage lending practices as an Equal Housing Lender.

  • Personalized Services 

    Everyone’s situation is different. That’s why our employees interact with each member based on their personal circumstances. Members can work with Summit financial experts for free to create a realistic plan to build up savings, pay down debt or set financial goals.

  • Bilingual Staff 

    We serve diverse communities with different accessibility needs. Our Spanish-speaking employees are available to help native Spanish speakers get outstanding service. We also partner with Language Line, a service that translates and interprets over 240 languages, ensuring everyone is heard and understood at Summit. 

  • Accessibility

    Our employees make Summit accessible to everyone by consistently meeting or exceeding the standards for providing services to people with disabilities. 



MAKING A Difference

Summit fosters financial inclusion and equity by focusing on providing all members, employees and the community with tools to enrich their lives.


Diversity is our strength mural

Summit's Diversity Mission

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Our Communities 

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Equity is our goal

At Summit, we believe our work on diversity, equity and inclusion is ongoing. We see it as a constant process that makes us better in our hiring practices and the services we offer.

We welcome your comments and questions, and we invite you to reach out to our manager of diversity, equity and inclusion. We are eager to share our plans to build a diverse and inclusive workplace on our path to equity. Your feedback will make us better.